Enabling Your Projects
for More than a Decade

You manage your multimillion-dollar projects.
We take care of your varied manpower needs.

Offering Quick Mobilization
for More than a Decade

You focus on the requirements. We already have
the resources ready to mobilize within 48 hours.

Ensuring Smooth Execution
for More than a Decade

You plan to meet the milestones. We already
covered resource welfare with the Supreme
Committee-approved certificate.

Manforce Group

An ISO 9000, 14001, and 45001 certified organization.
We have been serving your manpower needs for more
than 12 years.

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Manpower Supply
in Qatar

Projects are resource-dependent. Therefore, it’s imperative when the valuation of a project rolls over to billions, the resource requirements will definitely be around thousands. Read on to understand what responsibilities we share to make sure you have a successful project.

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Staff Outsourcing

An organization can get on the path to success only if it finds the right people for the right job. Easier said than done, it demands jogging a lot of knobs without losing focus on the job roles, candidate capabilities, motivational fitment, reference checks, and some more. To understand what responsibilities, we share in your project, read on.

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Construction and Maintenance
with cost-optimized

Construction is noble. It places people on a firm floor, covers them under a roof, and secures them within four walls. Be it a shopping mall, a workspace, a hospital, or a villa. They all come down to how you place people. However, what goes into construction is not as simple as that.

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The finest
Landscaping Services
with art

Whether you are a homeowner or a municipality undersecretary, you have to align your vision with that of the Emir’s on “Green Qatar”. You consider soil erosion, storm-water runoff, and sediment loss while visualizing a landscape - be it for your home or your city.

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The detail on
Cleaning Services
for hygiene

As your cleaning partner, we offer monthly or yearly contractual services to keep your facility clean. Our contract comes with a host of services including, commercial and residential cleaning, pre and post-construction cleaning, pressure washing, spider cleaning, and offering hospitality services.

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The finest
Catering Services
because taste matters

One shouldn’t pay by taste to stay healthy. People who are in the catering and food trading profession swear by this adage. They ensure that the ingredients are the best, the spices are moderate, and even the colors are appealing to the culinary preferences. That is the reason these people take efforts in learning the skill and mastering the art.

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Worker Welfare Management
is critical. We've mastered

Globally, workers' welfare is a critical area of interest for all industries - Qatar is no different. Whether industrial, infrastructural, or service sector, employee welfare take center stage in all employment discussions. The employment sector, comprising employers, contractors, sub-contractors, and recruitment agencies, focuses on the wellbeing, health, safety, and security of an employee, more so for an off-shore employee.

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Consistent in
PRO Services
for your reputation

We are happy to claim that we are that person or group of persons who take ownership of documentation and do the heavy lifting for you. We do the running from pillars to post at the governmental offices for you so that you get to smoothly float your business or get your resources.

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