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  • Optional Engagement Plan - On Call, One Time, Monthly or Yearly Contract
  • Maintaining Multi-Facility Sanitation - Residential, Commercial, Industrial
  • Assurance towards Safer and Healthier Work Environment
  • Sensitive Material Cleaning Expertise - Carpets and Sofa Upholstery
  • Ensuring Fast Response towards Clients’ Requirements
  • Drive Quality Control Inspections


It feels good when someone walks the floor with a squeaking sound. It implies that your facility is clean and hygienic. The downside is it doesn’t stay that way. Cleaning is a long, arduous, and repetitive task to be performed regularly, at multiple intervals. On top of that, it calls for inspection, assessment, and execution of a systematic process. As your cleaning partner, we offer monthly or yearly contractual services to keep your facility clean. Our contract comes with a host of services including, commercial and residential cleaning, pre and post-construction cleaning, pressure washing, spider cleaning, and offering hospitality services.

What are the responsibilities we take up? Read on to find out.


Enjoy A Worry-Free Year

You wouldn’t want to call your cleaning partner every day and list out the tasks. Instead, when you have a facility to manage, you will be in the lookout of a support system that takes proactive effort in checking what needs to be dusted, swept, or mopped, every day. Be it the floor, walls, furniture, desktop, or workstations you will be interested in finding them spic and span. And that too not just for a day, but for the entire year, for which you have signed the contract.

Deep Cleaning

Month-over-months of general cleaning ensures a sparklingly clean surface. Even though it’s necessary, it’s not sufficient. The process leaves the washroom unsanitized, the kitchen sink unscaled, the exhaust fans greasy, the lampshades dusty, and the tiles grout moldy. Therefore, you decide to deep clean your facility at least once a year. And that too, even after you cleaned your facility before you let the entry doors open after the construction got over. You don’t want your facility to be unhygienic. So, you ensure complete and detailed cleaning of places that are usually left unseen during general cleaning such as geyser top, faucets, door hinges, kitchen sink bottom, chimneys, refrigerators, dishwashers and a long list of nooks and corners.

Service with Care

Cleaning is not about all muscle power. You can’t let a bunch of wrestlers take care of your Persian rug, just because it’s dusty. The same goes for your sofa upholstery. You not only want them to look clean you also want them to look fresh with the colors as bright and shiny as new. What’s more, you want them to smell good. Cleaning these heavy, yet delicate materials need a touch of a specialist, but you know that already. No wonder you don’t do it with your regular set of cleaners.


You want the exterior of your facility to be as clean as the interior. Irrespective of its material or height, you want the facade of your building to be bright, shiny, and envious. However, to get that you will need trained resources, IRATA certified rope access technicians, fixtures, cleaning materials including detergent and mops. Needless to say, the operation is risky. Hence, along with maintaining and managing resources and material, you also get burdened with insurance and incidence management. Effectively, it will be better off if you can get the entire operation, management, and the risk delegated. Ideally, you should only cherish the look of your facility.

Process for Hygiene

When it comes to cleaning and sweeping, you need to be super conscious about hygiene. Therefore, you need a cleaning process that is quality-driven, objective, and preventive to risks. Of course, you don’t want the washroom mop to be used for the lounge. As a result, you use color-coded tools that avoid any scope for errors. Where the red ones are meant for the washrooms, the white ones are meant for lounges, and the blue ones are meant for hospital floors. Such color-coded tools avert all unintentional oversight and ensure that your cleaning process gets done like clockwork.


Of the different variables that make a cleaning task successful, “materials” is pivotal. Hence, it turns out to be a blessing when you can either start or continue your task without worrying about its supply. It takes away the stress of material management and the worries of having them at the site when the project needs it. In brief, the steady flow of material keeps the timeline of your task within the set limit and the execution as planned.

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