As an internationally admired company, we are bonded with more than 50 countries. It doesn’t mean that we are confined to foreign affairs only. We have local touch in national levels too. We have good agreement and contract with different national and international companies. So, our outsourcing includes both in foreign and domestic areas. Our team delivers effective business worldwide.

One of the main feature of our company is we outsource senior staffs like engineers, chartered accountants, managers etc. in long term basis. We outsource only senior staffs with broad experience so they can drive your business forward without any obstacles. We transfer our professional employees according to the demand of your companies. Our team delivers effective business worldwide.

We assure you that our professionals are highly expert to handle all detailed task of your dynamic organization so; you can concentrate in other core matters of your work. Be relaxed and give us a single call, we responsibly listen to your corporate needs and provide you the comprehensive and confidential services globally.


Single person can manage large payrolls which includes different payment scheme for salaried and hourly paid employees.


We help you in payroll calculations, bookkeeping and accountancy. We easily manage your errors, weaknesses and accounting related problems. We help you to make financial statements, management reports, tax returns, insurance, financial supervision, review of records and reports, credit collection, customer help desk, cash request, maintaining account books and financial registers, handling tax inspections and chartered auditors and many more.


Since we work with different national and international clients, TAX is the major subject for us. We are responsible enough to handle tax affairs. There is transparency in every payment including tax.


For every company, staffs are the valuable assets. According to your business demand, we manage your entire human resource needs. We recruit and select according to the needs. Mainly, we reorganize the whole HR structure which is beneficial for the company.


By preparing annual reports, we help you to deliver precise and faultless reports to your stakeholders. We prepare comprehensive and transparent report of each and every activities of company throughout the preceding year. Moreover, we help your company to reach in highest standard by economizing money, time and labor.

Construction Workers

Every construction is a positive aspect for a nation since it is directly linked beside the economy of the country by providing jobs and combating huge level of unemployment. We provide unskilled laborer as helpers to extensive skilled workers. Our works range from removing hazardous materials and cleaning the area of the construction site, loading and unloading necessary materials, digging and backfilling holes, operating concrete mixers, running hydraulic boring machines, placing pipes, following instructions of clients and much more… We provide carpenter, electrician, ironworker, laborer, heavy equipment operator, mason, plasterer, plumber, pipefitter, steel fixer, metal worker, welder etc. in different areas. Many of our workers are expert professionals in different commercial, industrial and residential sites.

Hospitality Workers

We offer best hospitality services all over the nation. We are recruit potential workers in restaurant, hotel, ships, marketing organizations, clubs, casino, tourism and amusement parks as servers, housekeepers, kitchen workers, bartenders etc. Our workers are highly committed to customer’s satisfaction. They all are well trained and carry excellent communication, interpersonal & strong leadership skills. They can both read and write in English with good computer knowledge. So we are pretty sure that they will give you best experience with their good problem-solving abilities.