Dedicated Manpower Supply Company in Qatar

Manforce Group is the dedicated manpower supply company in Qatar with many years of experience and thousands of trusted clients all over the world. We are the best know for dedicated manpower supply as per requirement based on the client’s projects, either the project is for one day or one year we supply labor force and skilled manpower. A better service to a client is our first priority. So, We ensure that candidates/Manpower supplied matches the specification of the client. Manforce will supply manpower as per the quotation approved by the client. Both parties will be bound with the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreed quotation.

Service Agreement for Dedicated Manpower

Type of Worker Supplied

We have a group of trained and skilled manpower that have working experience in their related field in our reserve pool. As per the client’s requirements and project types, we supply manpower that matches the specification of the client to increase their productivity.

Work Specification

Minimum duty hour will be 10 hours per day except for Female / Male Cleaner and Tea Girl / Boy, whose minimum duty will be 4 hours per day. In case, the workers are working less than mentioned hours, the Client will be charged for the full day. Minimum 1 day off in a week. Duty more than mentioned above will be calculated as overtime as per Qatar Labor Law and The client will be charged accordingly.

Travel Expenses

Manforce will undertake the responsibility to provide visa & renewal charges, leave salary, return ticket, and other benefits as applicable under the Qatar Labour Law for the workers.

Medical Services to Worker

Manforce is responsible for the required personal protective equipment, workmen compensation insurance, food, accommodation, and transportation, of the workers. The client is responsible for the first aid at the site.

Document Pick Up & Departure

Documents include work permit and other certificates which are required by the law to work. These documents pick up and Departure cost should be paid by the clients itself. In case if the Client doesn't prefer, Manforce will arrange Courier Service Company and will charge QAR 50 per pick up or delivery of documents.


If any worker is found unfit for work, Manforce shall replace the worker immediately from the next day.

Rate of Manpower Supplied

as per Proforma Invoice Ref. Number: 094MFO-0420QTO


A Proforma invoice along with Service Agreement for Dedicated Manpower will be raised immediately after the quotation approval and request of mobilization received from the Client. At the end of the monthly duty of workers, the final invoice will be raised as per actual working hours and in the case contract period is more than a day or less than a month, Manforce will raise the invoice immediately at the end of the contract period.


The payment must be made to Manforce immediately after the proforma invoice, or before mobilization.

Termination Clause:

The agreement will become effective on the date of its execution by both the parties, and shall continue until terminated by either party. Either party, without assigning any clause, may terminate this contract by giving to the other one 1 working day notice in writing. The agreement embodies the entire agreement and undertaking between the parties as to the subject matter and supersedes all other agreements, undertakings, proposals, etc.

Non-Disclosure of "Confidential Information"

Each party agrees not to use the confidential information for its own or for any other purpose except to evaluate whether it desires to become engaged in the said business opportunity. The parties further agree that they will not disclose confidential information to any other persons except those that are defined in this agreement and agree to take and protect the secrecy of and to avoid disclosure or use of the confidential information in order to prevent it from falling into the public domain or into the possession of persons not bound to maintain the confidentiality of the confidential information. Each party agrees to promptly advise the other in writing of any misappropriation or misuse by any person of such confidential information, which may come to its attention.

Language, Law, and Disputes Resolution:

The ruling language of this Agreement is English Language and the law to which the agreement is subject is the Law of Qatar. Any dispute arising from the interpretation and /or execution of this Agreement shall be resolved by the Qatar Civil Court. Qatar Civil Court shall be final and binding. I undersigned hereby agree to the above terms and conditions. Any dispute arising between the in connection with this agreement shall be finally settled in the Qatar Civil Courts.