Manforce Edge

  • Preparation with Organic Food Items
  • Importers of Organic Fruits and Vegetables
  • Suppliers of Dry fruits and Vegetables
  • Licensed Caterer and Food Trader
  • Experience in Offering Catering Service to as Large as 10,000 workers
  • Experienced Chefs Exposed to Multi-culture Cuisine


One shouldn’t pay by taste to stay healthy. People who are in the catering and food trading profession swear by this adage. They ensure that the ingredients are the best, the spices are moderate, and even the colors are appealing to the culinary preferences. That is the reason these people take efforts in learning the skill and mastering the art. What adds a dash of competitive advantage is the knowledge of filling the right form and get the required approvals to start a catering and food trading business in Qatar. Although it’s a bit of a challenge to find an organization with the entire mix, with Manforce the story is a bit different. Not only that, but it’s also a couple of notches higher as well. At Manforce, we look after getting quality material from the right places at a competitive price. For that, if it involves importing food items from other countries, we do that as well. And that too in large quantities. We not only have the expertise we also have the experience.

To better understand, where we can take off your load when it comes to catering services, read on.


License to Cook

Cooking for your workforce needs a bit more than a team of specialists. It needs a license. One for preparing and one for trading, particularly when you want to pass over some readymade packaged food over your canteen counter. Getting the license is a task by itself. Knowing which form to pick up and apply, what is to be written, where to submit, and then who to follow up with to get the legal clearance so that you can start your own canteen, all come together to form a big administrative hurdle that may take weeks to cross over. In other words, it’s a task that you’d generally outsource to another company whose core expertise lies in offering catering services. And when they serve your workforce, you can simply monitor to check whether is everyone is satisfied.

Multicuisine Service

The workforce in your business is a mixed pool of people who have come from all over the world, particularly from the South Asian sector - Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. Interestingly, all these three places have their authentic cuisines that differ largely from one another. You need a catering service that will take cognizance of these differences and serve up food that will appeal to the people from these three zones. You need to ensure that your team members get the right mix of spices and food items that tame their taste buds without compromising their health.

Catering Service

Your employee welfare is not constricted to the workplace. It extends to their camp. How are they put up, what type of food are they offered with, whether your food offering comprises meals or not, all add up to your welfare quotient. It makes sense to hand over the responsibilities for food to professionals who have been dealing with the tasks and know the trade. The advantages with professionals as such are that you know there will be a dedicated counter for beverages; a choice of off-the-shelf packaged food to pick from; a spic and span sitting area to have food; and a-la-carte breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Imported and Organic Items

The health of your workers is your prime concern. You can’t afford to risk that, hence you will always ensure that they get unadulterated food products that are not grown in an artificial condition with chemical steroids. Instead, you will look out for food products that are organic and brought from places where organic is respected and practiced. If you want fruits, you’ll prefer to find them imported from Turkey. If you want vegetables, you’ll prefer to have them imported from India or Nepal. If it’s honey, you’ll prefer to get that flown in from Romania. With a serving range as such, you know that you have only the best for your workforce.

End to End Service

When you call for a catering service, you’ll look for an end to end service provider. You will work with the one who will give you complete freedom from deciding what food items will be served, how the raw materials will be procured, and what recipe will be used to live up to your employees’ preferences. You don’t wish to get into the service detail to check if the materials are organic or not. You don’t want to be alarmed by the shortage of materials. You don’t want to be harrowed by the material management of the service. You’ll like to simply share the number of heads and finally find them well-fed and content.

Food Trading

As a catering service provider, you focus on cooking and distributing the eatables. It involves a fair amount of management pertaining to the eating preferences, the quantity of food, types of food et al. You wouldn’t like to have the added stress of procuring the material on top of that. You wouldn’t want to get in the administrative maze of importing food items like rice grains and staple vegetables such as onions and tomatoes. You would rather like to get them from an importer who’s already taken the trouble of getting them at the Qatari shores. For you, the task becomes far easier, simply walk down and purchase.

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