How to Keep Your Outsourced Team Together?

Let’s get real: relying on outsourcing is often about saving money. We get it! But here’s the thing many companies miss – keeping those talented outsourced workers around takes more than competitive paychecks.

At Manforce, we’ve seen it time and again. Companies find great outsourced assistants or customer service reps, but then they’re frustrated by high turnover. Why invest all that time into onboarding if they’ll just jump ship in a few months?

Here’s the secret: you’ve to make them feel like valued team members, even if they’re a thousand miles away. One of our clients learned this the hard way. Until we helped them shift focus. Instead of just crunching numbers on cost-savings, they invested in company culture – and it completely transformed their outsourced team’s loyalty and productivity!


In case you are thinking, “What are those foundational blocks that create a positive work environment, even within a distributed workforce?” Read on

The Building Blocks of Company Culture

Think of company culture as the invisible glue that binds a team together. It’s a set of shared values, attitudes, and ways of doing things. But can that feeling of belonging exist if your office is your living room and your colleagues are on a different continent? Absolutely!

Here are a few vital building parameters to consider, even from afar:

  • Shared Mission & Values: Do your outsourced employees truly understand what your company stands for? Make sure your WHY – your reason for existing – is clear and also make sure that it is communicated with your remote resources without any ambiguity so they can resonate with it.
  • Open Communication: It’s not just about task assignments. Create channels for regular two-way feedback: surveys, one-on-one check-ins, or even virtual “town hall” style meetings where outsourced team members have a voice. It makes them feel acknowledged and a part of the team.
  • A Sense of Community: Think beyond just Zoom work calls. Can you create a dedicated online space (like a Slack channel) for informal interaction and team building? Even something as simple as a “watercooler chat” thread can go a long way. When your resources get involved in “unproductive talks” among each other, they open up. They share their challenges and wins. Such “talks” help create a community with similar interests that are inline with the company’s values.

Let’s talk about recognition – it’s the fuel that keeps employees motivated, and that goes double for those who don’t have that daily in-office interaction!

Recognition That Goes the Extra Mile

Sure, bonuses and pay raises are always welcome. But recognition that feels meaningful – that shows you see and appreciate your outsourced team members as individuals – is priceless.

Here’s where you can go beyond the expected:

  • Public Shout-Outs: Take those moments of praise off private emails. Acknowledgment in a team meeting or company newsletter amplifies the positive vibes!
  • Personalized Touches: Even a small handwritten thank-you note, a birthday surprise, or a care package with local treats from your city shows genuine effort.
  • Showcase Their Success: When possible, find ways to highlight the contributions of outsourced team members to the wider company. Did a support rep go above and beyond? Give them some company-wide visibility!

See the difference from just offering a generic monetary bonus? Speaking of bonuses, let’s explore how perks can be adapted for remote workers!

Fostering a Sense of Inclusion

Remember, your outsourced teams shouldn’t feel like outsiders to your company. Making them feel valued and included is the key to building a positive work environment.

Here’s how to be intentional about inclusivity:

  • Combat Isolation: Schedule regular virtual team lunches or social events where the focus is on connecting as people, not just completing tasks.
  • Celebrate Diversity: If your outsourced team is from a different culture, make an effort to learn about their holidays, traditions, and acknowledge them in some way.
  • Language and Communication: Be mindful of potential language barriers and avoid colloquialisms or slang specific to your region. Provide translation support when needed and encourage open dialogue for clarification.

Making a genuine effort to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere pays enormous dividends in terms of loyalty and a feeling of belonging.

Investing in a positive work environment isn’t just about being “nice.” It’s a strategic advantage! Engaged, appreciated outsourced team members stick around longer, provide better results, and become true advocates for your company.

Remember that company we talked about way back at the start? They were losing outsourced staff left and right – which meant constant delays and onboarding headaches. Once they shifted focus to building culture, it was a total game-changer. Retention soared, and they finally got the most out of their outsourced workforce.

At Manforce, we understand what it takes to cultivate strong relationships with outsourced teams. Think of us as your secret weapon for building a culture that attracts and retains top talent, no matter where they’re logging in from.

Ready to take your outsourced workforce to the next level? Contact Manforce today. We’ll help you craft a work environment that works for everyone!

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