Manforce Edge

  • 3-D Design for Lifelike Representation
  • Plantations that Suits Preference
  • Natural Fertilizers
  • Installation of Hard Structures
  • Regular Affordable Maintenance


Whether you are a homeowner or a municipality undersecretary, you have to align your vision with that of the Emir’s on “Green Qatar”. You consider soil erosion, storm-water runoff, and sediment loss while visualizing a landscape - be it for your home or your city. But building a landscape as such calls for specialized skills that although closely resembles civil services, need more of an aesthetic outlook. As your landscaping partner, who’s sensitive to your goal, we take into account the complete task from designing to maintenance and all that fall in between. Be it soil preparation and leveling, irrigation and grass layout, paving tiles and installing sculptures, setting up fountains or constructing a pool, we take care of them all and more. To know about our core responsibilities, read on.


    Utilize Internal Pool

    You have access to the internal pool of 2,900 members for a quick find of the right resources for the right job. As the pool is readily available, you spend lesser time to get the perfect fit for a role - any role, from draughtsman to plumbers to mason. Besides, when you need a replacement the wide pool comes in handy. You know that even if some of the resources are on a day’s leave or longer time-off, the job won’t stop as there are stand-ins who will take the responsibility and help you complete your project on time.

    Landscape Design

    You will know how your garden will look, only when you see the design. And we are not referring to the drawings and maps indicating the location of a fountain, but a 3-D design of the entire landscape with the color and texture of the fountain. The 3-D design helps you visualize, therefore, allows for suggesting objective changes that are in sync with your preference. Moreover, a design not only helps you save time and cost but also prevents any sort of execution errors. It gives you a snapshot of your landscape with the opportunity to add your thoughts and wishes before turning it into a reality.

    Fresh Outdoors

    When it comes to putting up a lush green garden, you know you have to think of the grass, plants, and trees. That is a task. You need to not only procure them but also study thoroughly about how to set them. That calls for a lot of time and effort investment. Although it’s essential to build a soft landscape, it may not be judicious for you to take it up in the first place. Ideally, you should be more interested in sitting in your garden or organizing a party to flaunt it.

    Pathway to Sculptures

    The greenery of your garden is better perceived when it’s interspersed with sitting areas, paved pathways, cobbled separators, water features, fountains, and sculptures. These help in organizing the space, allowing visitors to walk through without stepping on the grass, and exude an image of your building or villa. Like soft landscaping, these again need specialized skills to install. With the structures bought separately, you need to manage a pool of masons and plumbers to get things right for you. But again, shouldn’t you be only interested in making arrangements for a plush green space in your facility?

    Free of Chemicals

    A landscape is true to its nature when it natural. Not only in its elements like the plantations but also in the fertilizers used. You don’t want to breathe an air filled with chemicals when you step out into your garden. But at the same time, keeping the air free of chemical is no child play. You need to get the fertilizers right, use them optimally, and apply them regularly to make sure that the plants and trees breathe out fresh air for you.

    Transparent Process

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or a municipality director, you won’t like to sign up for anything blindly. You’ll like to get complete transparency on the way a landscaping project will get managed. From design consultation to maintenance, you will like to know all the in-between steps such as design concept sharing, design revisions or estimation workings, defining the scope of work, identifying the work prep steps, and defining the installation steps. Knowing them lets you be in control of your project. You may be overseeing the entire build, but you’ll need to know what you’re overseeing at the first place. That makes the build process transparent.


    The installation comes with 3 months soft landscape warranty and a year of hard landscape warranty. What after that? You need support to ensure that your landscape looks as pruned as it was on the first day. You need to deploy a team of gardeners and maintenance staff who know when to water which plants and when to clean the pathway and your landscape structures. They keep your garden fresh and you, free from worries.

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