Why Should You Choose Manforce Over Other Human Resource Service Providers


    Projects differ in size from one to another. They also have different timelines; while some may spread across years, some may extend for a few hours. However, irrespective of their results, they all share a common factor - they all need people for seamless, friction-free execution.

    When a large infrastructure project commences, the number of resource requirements shoots north of thousands. Leaving aside day-to-day management, getting that many people on the field poses a monumental task. For the enterprise managing such projects like yours, it's simply impractical putting energy and resources into procuring and managing that many people. In such scenarios, you may look for reliable partners who can take the responsibility to get the job done.

    Characteristics of a Reliable Partner

    Easier said than done - finding a reliable partner needs a hard look at multiple factors, including the basics - credibility and service records. You will try to understand the resource management process, the person you should talk to, your responsibility concerning employee welfare, the pace of deployment, and the pace of getting replacements.

    These are the building blocks of establishing a long-term partnership between you and your human resource service provider. However, a partner graduates to becoming a reliable one when it assesses your evolving needs and takes proactive steps in bringing them up. That is where the point of difference strikes and we step in.

    Advantages of Getting the Manforce Edge

    Since its inception in 2010, Manforce has worked on only one type of service - offering workforces of different sizes and managing them on behalf of its clients. Over 12 years of service, the brand focused on its two-pronged philosophy of employee welfare and transparent process. The processes of the organization are agile, measurable, and scalable. They are custom defined to meet the bespoke needs of its clients like yours. As a client, why should you rely on Manforce, and what competitive edge will you get by partnering with us? Read the following 11 prime factors to decide for yourself.

    Expansive Exposure

    You may be operating in a segment where turn-key projects are the norm, or you may be dealing in programs where there is a need for a small number of people. Whatever your requirement and whatever your segment is, we are equipped to meet your demands with our trained group of people.

    From construction to oil & gas, marine to logistics, or hospitality to retail industries, we not only worked closely with our clients to learn about the functional necessities, but we also picked up the nuances of the segments to develop our internal training modules so that you can start working from day one.

    Dedicated SPOC - Your Key Account Manager

    Irrespective of the size of your projects, you will prefer a hassle-free resource management process which starts with responsive communication.
    When you engage with Manforce, we ensure you get a dedicated key account manager or a single point of contact (SPOC) for your process.

    Briefed on your project requirements and trained on human resource management, your SPOC is adept at listening to your issues and equally efficient in working out a solution. As a result, you will find the right person to talk to about your challenges at first contact and eventually save time in getting a resolution without repeating the issues over and over again.

    Short Term Events

    Not all projects require a large workforce for years. Some may need them for a few hours or days. However, it does not imply that the requirements are lean. A frequent happening in the hospitality industry, hotels like yours may organize or host events, and you may require a wide range of resources from the housekeeping staff to managers. The varied pool comprises resources with diverse skill sets, including customer service, maintenance, communication, and people management. To top it all off, you need them within a few hours.

    We can provide such a divergent line-up on short notice. Our resource reserves have people with different skill sets. They are not only experts in their job but are also available for short-term assignments to help you successfully execute an event.

    Resources for Shutdown Projects

    Each and every live projects is unique. At times, you may need to complete a civil project that runs for years, and at others, you may need to carry out a time-sensitive shutdown project within a couple of months. In the second situation, getting an expert group of resources, accounting for their wages, managing their schedule, and finishing the task on time become a challenge.

    Each and every live projects is unique. At times, you may need to complete a civil project that runs for years, and at others, you may need to carry out a time-sensitive shutdown project within a couple of months. In the second situation, getting an expert group of resources, accounting for their wages, managing their schedule, and finishing the task on time become a challenge.

    Convenience of Communication

    We understand your responsibility may demand in-city travel. Such travel may involve focusing on your task at hand for any last-minute reviews. It implies you do not have the time or scope to drive around by yourself. Therefore, you need a chauffeur or a driver to move around. However, a chauffeur without proper comprehension or communication skills may become a burden than a help

    So, we offer chauffeur service that centres around two skills - functional and communication. Our skilled drivers can communicate in English to help you provide one of the most convenient rides you can expect. Besides being adept with the city roads, the drivers are also knowledgeable to suggest alternate options so that you each your destination ahead of time.

    On-Time Salary - Wage Responsibility Transferred

    For smooth execution of your projects, we retain the responsibility of wage disbursal with us. Starting from the number of people at work to the number of days they work, including the adjustments related to replacements, we do all calculations and pay the wage on time from our desk.

    Irrespective of our understanding, you can stay assured that none of the resources aligned to your project gets the salary beyond the Qatari-government stipulated timeline. This adherence keeps your organization compliant, the workforce motivated, and the project on schedule.

    Skilful Handling of Emergency

    After managing people for over ten years, we understand that sudden emergencies may strike. And they may throw a plan off. However, that cannot allow us to turn ourselves away from them. We already have our disaster management SOP to take care of such incidents. And in case of such occurrences, we intervene without delay - even if it means getting the resources to fly them back to their home town.

    We put our quick-action plan to execution and ensure your assignment does not feel any brunt of the sudden change. To let you conveniently continue with your project, we take the responsibility to meet all crises and offer you an alternative solution in one go.

    Employee Welfare Compliant

    It's known to all how critical it is to maintain employee welfare. Hence, we perform regular audits of our employee-centric management approach. The checks range from the lifestyle of the resources to daily living to engagement during the idle phases and more. We are audited in a transparent and an unbiased manner by a UK-based welfare audit firm - Impact. From the day we had our first audit to date, we maintained a 97% score on employee welfare.

    Besides keeping us within the approved parameters of managing people, the audit score establishes the authenticity of our people welfare management methodology.

    Employee Accommodation Under Our Supervision

    When quick deployment becomes the need of the hour, we prefer to keep access to our resource pool with us. It means building and nurturing an environment that allows us a passage to interact with our resources within a short time. Therefore, we set up our own accommodation space for our workforce. Per the Supreme Committee and QDVC standards, our accommodation units pivot on sustainability.

    We not only constructed them keeping net-zero in mind but also ensured they stand out as examples of workforce welfare. Holistically, the accommodation units serve two objectives - first, it offers a better stay option for our resources, and second, it allows us to get in touch with our people in the event of a time-sensitive need.

    Medical Facility Under Our Supervision

    When we take responsibility for employee welfare, we ensure our people get the best medical support. Moreover, we wanted to keep the supervision under us so that we could run a periodic check on the support system. As the accommodation was already under our management, we set up a medical facility in the accommodation units for our people. The government-accredited Hamad Medical-approved medical facility offers 24x7 support to handle cases from minor flu to emergencies. .

    The in-house facility allows for on-the-spot medical attention without delay. As a result, you get a stressed-free service where you do not have to invest time and money in the health check-up of your workforce.

    Zero Recruitment Fee

    Here's the best part. When we partner with you, we work out the most transparent payment structure, focusing on a long-term engagement plan. We charge zero recruitment fee so that you stay out of the stressful calculation of the per-head payment. The zero-recruitment-fee strategy also frees you from the tedious calculation adjustment of replacement resources.

    We make sure that you pay for the overall service you get, and we manage the nitty-gritty of daily operational costs. Whether it's a long-or-short-term project or a quick deployment of varied resources for a few hours. We do the math, elaborate the workings with you and continue with the engagement fee to let you manage the execution seamlessly.


    For companies like yours, it's challenging to focus on core operations and tackle its resource requirements with all the factors in mind. While a focused execution of resource planning is critical, it's not viable for you to get into the nuances mentioned. As a result, you generally tend to lookout for partners who can own the execution, handle the resource requirements, look into the welfare of those people, and enable an on-time completion of projects

    We can look into the execution because that is what we have been doing for the past 12 years. From sharing your perspective of the big picture to the micro-management of on-time salary disbursal, we have been taking care of them all and sundry. Therefore, when you need support to start a task on time, wade through without friction, and complete it within the deadline, you turn to us. Whether you are at the initial phase of a large project or in the middle and need a quick assemblage, irrespective of any given point in time, and any number of resources, contact us. We can help you attain your objectives.

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