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Manforce Edge

  • Quick Deployment of Trained Resource
  • Optimal Budget Utilization
  • Adherence to Local and International Standards
  • Transparent Management Report
  • Safety Standard Compliant Project Management


Projects are resource-dependent. Therefore, it’s imperative when the valuation of a project rolls over to billions, the resource requirements will definitely be around thousands. What makes that story crucial? You need the resources in a span of a fortnight or a month. But logistical hurdles may not allow you to make a timely arrangement for all the resources you need. In such a trying time, we step in owning a part of your accountability. With our pool of resources, we make sure that your project starts on time, continues without any speed-breaker, and finishes flawlessly.

Read on to understand what responsibilities we share to make sure you have a successful project.


Utilize Internal Pool

You have access to the internal pool of 2,900 members for a quick find of the right resources for the right job. As the pool is readily available, you spend lesser time to get the perfect fit for a role - any role, from mason to general foreman. Besides, when you need a replacement the wide pool comes in handy. You know that even if some of the resources are on a day’s leave or longer time-off, the job won’t stop as there are stand-ins who will take the responsibility and help you complete your project on time.

Quick Mobilization

All you need to wait for is a few hours. And at that time you will get the number of resources you need for your project. Irrespective of the size of your project and the number of resources you require, you’ll get them at your site, ready to start the job.

Less Overhead

The cost of resources is huge. Bearing such a cost during idle time leads to cost bleeding and directly results in the loss of revenue. The just-in-time placement of resources helps reduce the overhead cost for the clients as they need to account for the resource cost only when there is a project.

Resource Welfare

You needn’t bother about resource welfare. You can rely on the audited certification from Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy that affirms our 97% compliance. This implies you get the benefit of working with resources who are well taken care of, supplied with basic amenities, and provided with appropriate shelter and convenience as per the local law. The end result, none of your projects will ever bear the brunt of the law on the ground of worker welfare management, we got that covered on your behalf.


Under the Qatar Labour Law mandate, you get all your resources covered under Workmen Compensation Insurance. That assures them and their families that your resources are taken care of. In addition, they are covered under life insurance. An optional benefit that keeps your resources stress free, motivated, and in high morale when they are at work. The insurance coverage for your resources-at-work provides them the additional support they need to keep their focus on the task at hand. As a result, your project doesn’t get the emotional backlash of a worried worker.

Payroll Management

Managing payout for the resources is a task. It becomes exponentially critical when the grades and the duration of a resource in a project vary. You can stay completely out of the complexities of payroll management for your project. The resources you find at your site or workplace, irrespective of their levels and tenure, are paid on time as per our payroll management system. More importantly, you will find that the worker’s payroll is kept independent of our engagement fees. We ensure that the workers get paid at the end of every month and remain unimpacted by our agreed terms and conditions with you.

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