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    By default, a new place throws a lot of challenges to make one’s life difficult. As smart individuals, we all learn to put up a fight against those challenges. What turns that fight into a win is the support of wise minds. Minds of persons who know the language, the place, the trade, the and system to help you navigate and seize that day and the next. What’s “bonus”? Those persons taking the responsibility of not only individuals but corporates as well. We are happy to claim that we are that person or group of persons who take ownership of documentation and do the heavy lifting for you. We do the running from pillars to post at the governmental offices for you so that you get to smoothly float your business or get your resources. What else do we do as a part of our public relations services, read on to find out.


    Complete Package

    From translating project proposals and agreements to helping in setting up your business, you need support at every milestone to get your job done quickly. Be it filling up the right form for customs approval or creating a request document for joint venture sponsorship, you got to fill in the right information for the right person to let your project take off as smoothly as you have planned. And, when your business becomes operational you may need resources to be flown from another country or make arrangements for your resources to be flown to another country. The depth of governmental liaisoning you need to get your business running is daunting. It’s simply taxing for you to manage them and focus on business expansion or project completion. Ideally, you should destress yourself by handing over the complete ownership of liaisoning to a reliable partner and focus on the optimal execution of your project or successful launch of your business.

    Sponsors’ Reliance

    Your team member has joined you for a long haul. It’s natural that the family member of this team member will be better off with him or her. However, you need to not only fill up numerous forms to make arrangements for their residency but also may need to make for their employment, hence their work permit as well. In brief, the compliance to policies and the regulation and the documentation to set the compliance in place is a nightmare. Of course, you aren’t going to take the hassle of the compliance by yourself. You will simply look into it to check it gets done while your employee feels comforted being with his or her family members.

    Certificate and Document Attestation

    All projects need resources. And all resources need their certificates and documents attested. These documents travel from the desk of the Labor Department to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Embassy for attestation. Finally, with approvals from all the desks, your resources get the pass to work. Besides being tedious, this attestation process is long drawn and super meticulous. It pays to delegate the responsibility of the job to those who have been doing this for ages and know the trade. You should be just interested in finding your resources in the right place at the right time

    Visa Quota Management

    The government is in sole favor of employee welfare. And in the effort, the Labour Ministry ensures that the companies do not misuse the number of Visas a company procures for its employees. It implies, that as a business house, you need to follow a stringent documentation process and attend quizzing meetings elaborating why you need a certain number of employees, whether you have the financial stability to afford them, hence you truly need the number of Visas you have requested for. Starting from the moment you draft the agreement with your contractor and through the steps of preparing a set of documents, submitting them online, and then meeting the Labour Ministry to convince them on the quota of the Visas requested, the entire operation calls for diligence and knowledge of the trade. Ideally, you need not be bothered by the process. You should be duly briefed for the meeting with the ministry so that it stands as a touch-and-go in your checklist of successful meetings to bring your company into being.

    Free Pick Up, Delivery, and Support

    When it comes to documentation, one fact is established - it’s a lengthy process. There are a lot of minute details you or your team member needs to focus on. At times, a little support goes a long way. What is the meaning of a particular term in a form? What document will work? What information will suffice? The questions may sound quite basic to you, but given the fact that you have to fill up pages of forms, a help at hand always takes the stress away. And if that gets bundled with free pick-up and delivery, then you know you have at least two stress free days - date of submission and date of collection.

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