Qatar 2022: Benefits For Migrant Workers


Qatar 2022


Qatar 2022: The FIFA World Cup 2022 is now shaping up to be a momentous event. It is for the first time that this event is to be held in the Middle East and the first Arab country to host.  It is known that in order to host this event FIFA imposed obligations on the host country related to the event. This involved substantial changes to its laws in order to accommodate FIFA’s commercial, licensing, and tax requirements, among other issues.

But Qatar is a relatively conservative Arab country with traditional and established legal concepts and customs. And those obligations might not insist on complete changes to Qatar’s legal system. While by necessity and because of similar situations at previous World Cups, some changes on local laws will be made on certain local laws in order to meet FIFA requirements. And such changes will need to be through agreements between the host country and FIFA.

This will result in mutual benefits for both Qatar and FIFA to create a successful tournament. As well as developing an ongoing legacy for the host country. In conjunction with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Qatar 2022 Plan From The Government


However, Qatar’s planning of the 2022 World Cup has not been without controversy. More specifically, many people are concerned about the political instability in the region, human rights violations, and also the extensive construction and infrastructure projects associated with the 2022 World Cup. But certain rights and protections are granted to workers in Qatar under the Labour Law. And a legal resolution in 2013 of specific workers’ charters by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (the ‘SC 2022’). Along with Qatar Foundation for Science, Education and Community Development (the ‘Qatar Foundation’).

The Labour Law provides workers with bound rights and protections in respect of the availability of:

  • necessary equipment,
  • the difficulty of the work, 
  • working hours, 
  • holidays, 
  • annual and sick leave, 
  • and other aspects. 

But migrant workers can’t form any worker alliances, and organizations.

Worker’s Welfare 


The SC 2022’s Workers’ Welfare Standards charter, which covers all workers engaged in the World Cup stadium construction projects. says. “Additional protections provided to such workers. Requiring all its contractors and subcontractors for stadium construction-related projects. In order to comply with such a charter. These protections include, without limitation, ethical recruitment and fair treatment, employment offers minimum requirements. Responsibility for relocation prices to Qatar, no retention of employee passports or different personal documents, dignified and moral employment conditions. The provision of medical insurance, accommodation and food standards, reporting requirements for employers. Creation of the workers’ welfare forums, transportation and site requirements, and access to information in an appropriate language.

The Qatar Foundation Mandatory Standards of Migrant Workers’ Welfare document provides similar additional rights and protections for workers. To those involved in all Qatar Foundation projects, which includes one of the World Cup 2022 stadiums and related facilities. The Qatar Foundation charter sets out certain minimum standards with regards to recruitment. And working conditions of workers engaged in construction and other projects at the Qatar Foundation. The required standards include:

  • without limitation,
  • For the preparation of a welfare adherence plan
  • And related audit,
  • workers informed as to all entitlements,
  • Also, a safe and healthy work environment,
  • In addition to, a clean, safe, and healthy living environment,
  • Also, equal and humane treatment,
  • Along with, equal pay for equal work regulated working hours,
  • Also, medical insurance and skills training.

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