Qatar: Nepal need to sign formal agreement in order to safeguard the interests of its workers

Nearby reports uncover that Qatar has started the illegal recruitment of 12,000 Nepali residents for its police force in the approach the 2022 soccer World Cup in the country.

Nepal’s government prohibits its residents from serving in Qatar’s security agencies as no formal agreement exists. The Nepali embassy in Qatar has sent a letter to the country’s foreign ministry in regards to the issue yet no decision has been made.

Qatar had sent a letter to the Nepal government communicating its advantage in enlisting 200 Nepalis for its security office in the underlying stage however Nepali authorities are in dilemma.

Details from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior expose enlistment of a Nepali man on a yearly resident visa where the person’s profession is expressed as “Police Army Staff.” The Qatari government had made the proposal of enrolling Nepali youths to their police force and had focused on gathering the expenses involved, including giving free visas.

An absence of occupations and the impacts of the pandemic mean mushrooming labor organizations in Nepal and representatives are considering this to be a chance and attracting Nepali youths with job offers in Qatar’s police power, charging them a weighty sum in this process. Nepal and Qatar are yet to consent to a proper arrangement about the issue. Without a conventional arrangement between the two nations, illegal recruitment by unethical manpower agencies is rampant.

Last November the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) raided four labor organizations in Kathmandu, which exposed an organization that sent Nepali residents to Qatar for work through illegal methods. It was additionally revealed that the Qatar Embassy in Kathmandu was engaged with the illegal recruitment of Nepali young people for its police force when the government office’s vehicle was spotted at the premise of a local recruitment agent, , Hope International.

Andy Hall,an immigration expert,, revealed to The Diplomat: “Nepal and Qatar’s government need to urgently come with a transparent, legal and ethical agreement that guarantees the upcoming recruitment of security personnel needed for the FIFA World Cup 2022 can be embraced in a manner that prevents the systemic extortion of the candidates involved. Recruitment should be legal and ethical with all expenses borne by the Qatari state or Qatari managers.”

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