Manforce Edge

  • Saves time on recruitment activities
  • Meets immediate manpower needs
  • Makes visa management and legal compliance hassle-free
  • Reduces the time and cost


An organization can get on the path to success only if it finds the right people for the right job. Easier said than done, it demands jogging a lot of knobs without losing focus on the job roles, candidate capabilities, motivational fitment, reference checks, and some more. The challenge steps up a notch when the need becomes time-bound. With all the logistical hurdles in place, you may end up spending your productive time first to find the members and then manage them. This is where we offer our niche service by owning the accountability of finding the resources, training them, and managing them. We ensure that your project stays as effective in real life as it’s on your plan.

To understand what responsibilities, we share in your project, read on.


Candidate Sourcing

With our team of experienced members, it becomes simpler, faster, and easier for your organization to get the right candidate for the right job. Depending on the roles and responsibilities, our members access our global database to find you a fit either from within your geography or outside. Our close understanding of the job requirement blends with scrutinized sourcing methodology to get you a candidate who not only fits the job but your organization as well.

JIT Hiring

Your projects are timebound and so are your requirements for team members. However, neither the number of members nor their positions are any less serious. In a situation as such, you need quick feet on the ground to get the right people within the right time frame. With our SLA bound recruitment service, you benefit from Just-In-Time or JIT Hiring, which includes cross border recruitment. You can hire personnel from us on short or long-term contracts.

Hassle Free Administration

From contract staffing to permanent recruitment, we stay dependably sensitive towards your urgency. We own the entire life cycle of a person. We provide services ranging from sourcing, mobilization, visa, and other legal compliances, payroll, WPS et al to demobilization and end of service benefits. As a result, we complement your need-for-hiring with our timely knowledge transfer of legal dos and donts to give you a candidate who can get to the field from the word go.

For cross-border candidates, we even handle the documentation about work visas and administrative tasks related to staffing. All for one purpose, saving your time. We look into the fact that you get the right candidate to work without any unnecessary delay. Hence, the question of you getting caught in the mires of red-tape simply doesn’t exist.

Longterm SPOC

You need support and that too as long as your engagement with our personnel stands. Taking that into account, we always depute a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to handle any mid-term orientation, engagement strengthening, conflict management, or any related issues. We make sure that you don’t get caught in any sort of ineffective crosshair and lose out on productive outcomes. Our SPOCs are knowledgeable in resource management and experienced in delivering prompt resolution to queries. We ensure that you benefit from the performance of a skilled workforce, without the hassle of management.

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