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Well Trusted Manpower Supply In Qatar

Manpower Supply in Qatar: When a company does a job for nearly a decade, they become an “expert” in it. The statement couldn’t be truer for us – Manforce Trading and Contracting Company aka Manforce Group. Since 2010, our support services have helped Fortune 500 companies in Qatar outsource their critical responsibilities, involving manpower, civil, MEP, landscaping, and PRO, and also known as well trusted manpower suppliers in Qatar.

This successful run is the result of our two-pronged philosophy – employee welfare and transparent process. Keeping employee welfare at the forefront helped us pass on indirect benefits to our clients. For instance, consider our 97 percent compliance score with the Supreme Committee standards. We at Manforce Group works always try to make our clients happy and provide them the best services that they deserve. we aspire to be the well-trusted manpower suppliers in Qatar.

On one hand, the score reinstates the positive outcome of our employee welfare model; on the other, it assures that our employees are looked after to remain physiologically fit and psychologically driven. As a result, our clients get a pool of motivated employees on their job who are focused on completing the task and not creating a fuss over petty HR issues. Talk about our process and you will find them transparent, measurable, and scalable. This makes our clients – like you – win us over our competitors, partner with us, and rely on us – repeatedly. You can easily check our deliverables against the SLAs and set them up as industry benchmarks.

A clear-cut demarcation of responsibility with a crystallized handover mechanism helps both you and us run our process independently but not in silos. In addition, we help you retain control of your project. With full access to all the knobs and switches, you can induce a change in the process to optimize and align it to your company goals.

When it comes to operation, we join hands with you to understand your core needs and map them against the benefits we offer. This strategy is the output of our ownership model. It allows for identifying the scope of a project and offering a fitting solution that keeps your operational cost under the hood, execution timeline as planned, and deliverable quality as committed. The model also brings our execution expertise, risk-sharing intention, and structured workflows to your table.

Over the past 10 years, we are standing by our clients to help them attain their objectives. That could be anything from finding that one candidate who is just perfect for a role. Arranging a workforce of a thousand employees lined up at your worksite. And get the right document approved from the authority to let you roll up the shutter of your business.

Manforce Group is always with our clients in order to get the “job done”. Not only that we ensure that it’s done on time and within the budget. Because we know the process, the people, and the system. It’s easy for us as we’ve been doing this for a decade. We’ve learned, grown, and become an “expert”.