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  • Hassle-free SC Welfare Standard compliance
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Globally, workers' welfare is a critical area of interest for all industries - Qatar is no different. Whether industrial, infrastructural, or service sector, employee welfare take center stage in all employment discussions. The employment sector, comprising employers, contractors, sub-contractors, and recruitment agencies, focuses on the wellbeing, health, safety, and security of an employee, more so for an off-shore employee. The sector also complies with worker welfare standards and relevant labor laws to provide a positive working environment. Besides documentation, such adherence and compliance demand management of resources, accommodation, recreation, security measures, diet, and more. This is the space where we get in with our knowledge on welfare standards and experience in managing them.

To understand what responsibilities, we share in your project, read on.


Pay Management

As a contractor, you have to be compliant with the payment regulations of SC. Considering the number of members you have employed, it becomes a burden to make individual payments to all. Just in case you wish to take up the responsibility, in tandem, you own the scope of documentation as well. Besides the pay and documentation, you also get in the whirlpool of managing advances, arranging accommodation, and calculating deductibles on account of accommodation, recreational, and medical insurance costs. On the other hand, you can stay conveniently focused on your project by making us a monthly payment and letting us take care of the entire payment management ensuring that the workers get their salary on time

Transparent Employment

An elaborate and transparent contract keeps the workers educated and content. Our explicitly drafted employment contract covers critical issues such as job responsibility, basic wages, and rest day, among others, in an easy to understand language. Also, we explain the clauses of an employment contract to a worker in-person to help them get to the field with proper knowledge. We get the employment contracts attested by MOADLSA and hand over the original copy to the workers. Readily available for GEM inspections, we store and maintain the employment contracts as long as the employment is active.

Welfare Forum

Every worker must have a voice, and there must be a system that amplifies that voice. In compliance with SC, we set up a worker welfare forum at every accommodation site, precisely for that reason. Comprising a Worker Welfare Officer and worker representatives, these forums serve as a platform for the workers' grievances. These forums meet once every month, informing the GEM and openly discuss issues and challenges that are communicated back to us for redressal. To understand the hurdles of the workers, we promote such meetings. Besides creating an open channel for candid communication, they help us directly redress the concerns and maintain a healthy work environment.

Worker Welfare Standard

The Supreme Committee has set high standards of compliance from ethical recruitment, onboarding to welfare at site and accommodation. We have a stellar record in complying with such exacting standards and consistently achieving a high score of 97% in Welfare Impact Audit. By engaging our services, you can focus on delivering a performance which our team ensures that you comply with SC Welfare Standards.

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