VUCA: Leadership In The Time of VUCA.


Leadership In The Time Of VUCA

In the physical space, we occupy, change is the only constant. It is everlasting, ever-present, and it is a critical component of the equation of both life and business.
Indeed, the ability to reconcile and adapt to change is often the differentiator between merely surviving and thriving. Perhaps now more so than ever, with the world crippling in the throes of a pandemic.
Concerning leadership, dealing with change has always been a pillar upon which any sound leadership strategy is built.
But of late, change might be happening at a rate hitherto unheard of – the expeditious escalation of technology is bringing about rapid disruption and often crippling uncertainty.
Whereas forecasting and managing the uncontrollable has been a bedrock of sound leadership, it is becoming increasingly harder to do so – the change is too rapid, the volatility too untenable.
Our world is now a sea of uncontrollably. We live in a VUCA world.

What is VUCA?

VUCA is an acronym that touches upon the concepts brought up in previous paragraphs. It stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.
The term was coined by the United States Army War College to represent the more volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous multilateral world that has emerged since the conclusion of the Cold War.
On a more macro-level, the term represents the tumultuous and inconstant forces of change that can influence businesses. Essentially, the four terms of VUCA are a four-pronged threat, and managing in the face of VUCA requires new abilities, attitudes, and responses.
Before we delve into deeper waters,

Let us first get acquainted with the four arms of VUCA:


Change’s nature and dynamics, as well as the nature and speed of change forces and catalysts.
The shifting dynamic of social categorization in a set of environmental conditions is known as volatility. Any change in a scenario, whether social, technological, biological, or otherwise, can affect the dynamic.
In essence, volatility means nothing can be taken for granted. The change will come hard and fast, and leaders and organizations must be braced for impact at all times.
The more volatile the business environment, the faster the rate of change.


The unpredictability of events, the potential for surprise, and the sensation of knowledge and comprehension of situations and occurrences.
Uncertainty is standard in volatile ecosystems with complex structures and unforeseen interactions that add to the level of uncertainty. For example, it might arise when the goal is to infer causality or connection.
Uncertainty breeds ambiguity and ambiguity can lead to a cascade of issues. Moreover, it is a trait that takes away from our rational ability to predict – it increases the number of uncontrollable.
The more unpredictable the business climate, the more difficult it is to forecast. And ergo, more challenging to manage.


The multiplicity of factors, the conflation of concerns, the lack of a cause-and-effect connection, and the general complexity surrounding organizations.
The interconnectedness and interaction of many components in a system is referred to as complexity.
The more elements there are, the more diverse they are, and the more linked they are, the more complicated an ecosystem becomes. It is impossible to thoroughly evaluate the environment and reach sensible conclusions when it is incredibly complicated.
The complexity of a business environment is intrinsically connected to one’s ability to assess said environment – as complexity increases, the difficulty to make accurate assessment follows suit.


The murkiness of reality, the plausibility for error, and the equivocal implications of circumstances.
Ambiguity is defined as a lack of clarity in interpreting something.
When information is inadequate, contradictory, or too incorrect to draw definite conclusions, the situation is ambiguous. It refers to fuzziness and ambiguity in thoughts and language in general.
The world becomes more challenging to comprehend as it becomes more ambiguous.

Understanding VUCA – Is It a Friend or Foe?

The four arms of VUCA are, in essence, connected to the same body – they are linked to each other. So, naturally, the more complicated and dynamic a business is, the more difficult it is to anticipate and hence, the more unpredictable it will be.
However, VUCA need not be interpreted as a harbinger of doom and gloom. Instead, it is merely a framework meant to bring order to the chaos that shrouds any business environment, particularly in this third decade of the 21st century.
When you contrast VUCA with its polar opposites, the message becomes much more apparent. Volatile vs. Stable. Uncertainty vs. Predictability. Complexity vs. Simplicity. Ambiguous vs. Clarity.
If the business world were a sea, then VUCA represents permanently turbulent and uncharted waters. There be dragons here. But as stated earlier, VUCA need not be viewed in a negative light.
The first step in solving any problem is recognizing that there is one. VUCA is merely a framework in which issues arising because of a rapidly evolving business environment are laid out. It is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Living and Leading in a VUCA World

Since the term was coined, perhaps there hasn’t been a more potent demonstration of what VUCA truly stood for until now, as the coronavirus pandemic has essentially upended the world order.
The status quo has seemingly been dismantled for the foreseeable future. As a result, the business world is more volatile than ever. The level of uncertainty is at an all-time high. Changes in the mode of working have increased the complexity of systems, and ambiguity reigns supreme.

We live in a COVID-19 world. And it is a VUCA world. In such a turbulent environment, what are leaders meant to do? How can they wrestle against the seemingly endless onslaught of uncontrollably? The focus must be on countering VUCA with its opposites.


Attempts should be made to replace volatility with stability. Adequate investment in information will increase one’s ability to predict in the face of uncertainty. Complexity must be countered with simplicity, and clarity must replace ambiguity.

The VUCA world brings with it challenges, but every challenge is an opportunity that hasn’t been grasped yet. The waters will not always be choppy, and sound leadership will chart the uncharted territories.
After all, leaders don’t merely follow the path; they go where there is no path and leave a trail for others to follow.

Demanding Jobs in Qatar for 2021

Demanding Jobs in Qatar for 2021

Being a gulf country Qatar has been always a job hub for many people around the globe. Many migrants workers have been involved in many types of jobs here in Qatar. A recent study shows that Qatar has a migrant labor force of over 2 million people, who comprise approximately 95 percent of its total labor force. Approximately 1 million workers are employed in construction while another 100,000 are involved as domestic workers.

Many of them are benefited from the work and the allowances they have paid throughout their jobs. There are many jobs offers to depend upon the requirements as provided by the various companies. As there are high demands because of these current pandemics.

In this blog, we are trying to mention various job opportunities and the most demanding jobs in Qatar to look for.

The most demanding jobs in Qatar for 2021.

  • Sales Executive.

Pay Scale: Approx. USD 700 Plus.

  • Senior IT Sales Executive.

Pay Scale: Approx. USD 1,000 Plus.

  • Sourcing Manager.

Pay Scale: Approx. USD 500-700 Plus.

  • CRM Specialist – Health Care.

Pay Scale: Approx. USD 500-800 Plus.

  • Marketing Managers.

Pay Scale: Approx. USD 500-900 Plus.

  • Aviation Engineers.

Pay Scale: Approx. USD 500-850 Plus.

  • Secretary.

Pay Scale: Approx. USD 500-600 Plus.

  • Human Resource Executive.

Pay Scale: Approx. USD 500-900 Plus.

The above-mentioned are some of the demanding jobs in Qatar for 2021. For more job updates and other information feel free to contact us.

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Qatar 2022: Benefits For Migrant Workers


Qatar 2022


Qatar 2022: The FIFA World Cup 2022 is now shaping up to be a momentous event. It is for the first time that this event is to be held in the Middle East and the first Arab country to host.  It is known that in order to host this event FIFA imposed obligations on the host country related to the event. This involved substantial changes to its laws in order to accommodate FIFA’s commercial, licensing, and tax requirements, among other issues.

But Qatar is a relatively conservative Arab country with traditional and established legal concepts and customs. And those obligations might not insist on complete changes to Qatar’s legal system. While by necessity and because of similar situations at previous World Cups, some changes on local laws will be made on certain local laws in order to meet FIFA requirements. And such changes will need to be through agreements between the host country and FIFA.

This will result in mutual benefits for both Qatar and FIFA to create a successful tournament. As well as developing an ongoing legacy for the host country. In conjunction with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Qatar 2022 Plan From The Government


However, Qatar’s planning of the 2022 World Cup has not been without controversy. More specifically, many people are concerned about the political instability in the region, human rights violations, and also the extensive construction and infrastructure projects associated with the 2022 World Cup. But certain rights and protections are granted to workers in Qatar under the Labour Law. And a legal resolution in 2013 of specific workers’ charters by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (the ‘SC 2022’). Along with Qatar Foundation for Science, Education and Community Development (the ‘Qatar Foundation’).

The Labour Law provides workers with bound rights and protections in respect of the availability of:

  • necessary equipment,
  • the difficulty of the work, 
  • working hours, 
  • holidays, 
  • annual and sick leave, 
  • and other aspects. 

But migrant workers can’t form any worker alliances, and organizations.

Worker’s Welfare 


The SC 2022’s Workers’ Welfare Standards charter, which covers all workers engaged in the World Cup stadium construction projects. says. “Additional protections provided to such workers. Requiring all its contractors and subcontractors for stadium construction-related projects. In order to comply with such a charter. These protections include, without limitation, ethical recruitment and fair treatment, employment offers minimum requirements. Responsibility for relocation prices to Qatar, no retention of employee passports or different personal documents, dignified and moral employment conditions. The provision of medical insurance, accommodation and food standards, reporting requirements for employers. Creation of the workers’ welfare forums, transportation and site requirements, and access to information in an appropriate language.

The Qatar Foundation Mandatory Standards of Migrant Workers’ Welfare document provides similar additional rights and protections for workers. To those involved in all Qatar Foundation projects, which includes one of the World Cup 2022 stadiums and related facilities. The Qatar Foundation charter sets out certain minimum standards with regards to recruitment. And working conditions of workers engaged in construction and other projects at the Qatar Foundation. The required standards include:

  • without limitation,
  • For the preparation of a welfare adherence plan
  • And related audit,
  • workers informed as to all entitlements,
  • Also, a safe and healthy work environment,
  • In addition to, a clean, safe, and healthy living environment,
  • Also, equal and humane treatment,
  • Along with, equal pay for equal work regulated working hours,
  • Also, medical insurance and skills training.

In addition, being one of the best Manpower agencies in Qatar. Manforce Group makes sure that all the workers from our agency will get all the related and required facilities provided as per the law.

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Nepali Migrants: Qatar-Nepal Need To Sign Agreement

Nepali Migrants Set To Recruit By Qatar

Recently some nearby reports uncover that Qatar started the illegal recruitment of 12,000 Nepali migrants in order to recruit them on Qatar Police Force for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the country.

Nepal’s government prohibits its residents from serving in Qatar’s security agencies as no formal agreement exists. So in order to prohibit Nepali Embassy in Qatar immediately sent the letter to the Qatar foreign ministry in regards to that issue yet no decision has been made.

In contrast to those events, Qatar had sent a letter to the Nepal government communicating its advantage in enlisting 200 Nepalis. For its security office in the underlying stage, however, Nepali authorities are in dilemma.

Tension Between Nepali & Qatari Officials

Details from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior expose enlistment of Nepali migrants on a yearly resident visa. The person’s profession is expressed as “Police Army Staff.” The Qatari government made the proposal of enrolling Nepali youths in their police force. And focused on gathering the expenses involved, including giving free visas, and other expenses.

An absence of occupations and the impacts of the pandemic mean mushrooming labor organizations in Nepal and representatives. All of them are considering this to be a chance and attracting Nepali youths with job offers in Qatar’s police power. However, they are charging them a weighty sum in this process. But both Nepali and Qatari authorities are yet to consent to a proper arrangement about the issue. Without a conventional arrangement between the two nations, illegal recruitment by unethical manpower agencies is rampant. However, it is illegal to recruit. Still, Qatari officials are trying to recruit Nepali Migrants workers in their Police Force.

Raid By Nepali Authorities

Hence, last November the Department of Foreign Employment (DofE) raided four labor organizations in Kathmandu. And this raid exposed an organization that sent Nepali residents to Qatar for work through illegal methods. Finally, this raid revealed also the engagement of the Qatar Embassy in Kathmandu. And after the raid, all the illegal recruitment of Nepali young people for its police force as the government official vehicle spotted. At the premise of a local recruitment agency Hope International.

Andy Hall, an immigration expert, revealed to The Diplomat: “Nepal and Qatar’s government need to urgently come with a transparent, legal and ethical agreement. That guarantees the upcoming recruitment of security personnel needed for the FIFA World Cup 2022. And this can be embraced in a manner that prevents the systemic extortion of the candidates involved. Recruitment should be legal and ethical with all expenses borne by the Qatari state or Qatari managers.”

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Visa for Qatar: How to apply?


VISA FOR QATAR: How to apply?

Visa for Qatar: Qatar is an attractive Middle Eastern nation with a thriving economy which makes it a perfect destination for business investors, employment opportunities, and travel. In order to extend your company, you will require to familiarize yourself with the immigration process for visas.
We, Manforce Group are here to assist you throughout the process being the most reliable Manforce company in Qatar. We focus on raising your productivity through the improved first-time quality of work, efficiency, and overall workforce cost reduction, this enables you to concentrate on your core business objectives while we manage resources.

Before you even begin, you need to familiarize yourself with what kind of visa to apply for. There are a variety of visa options for foreign national seeking entry to Qatar:

  • Tourist visas
  • Business visas
  • Work visas
  • Family visas
  • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) resident visas

In addition to that,  for employment purposes, your staff will need Qatar’s work visas.

Documents required to obtain a working visa:

Foreign employees will need a work permit as well as a residence permit before they can begin employment in Qatar. In order to, enumerate the documents required necessary for applying for a work permit are listed below.

  • The employment contract
  • A duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour
  • A medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health
  • A copy of the employee’s passport
  • Two passport photographs
  • Any relevant educational certificates
  • The immigration card of the employer
  • The employment visa
  • Biometrics, including fingerprints

For Residence Permit

To obtain a residence permit, the applicant will need to provide the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport photographs of the employee
  • The employment visa
  • A copy of the company’s Commercial Registration
  • A copy of the business’s immigration card
  • The employee’s medical certificate

For more details and updates regarding jobs update in Qatar and visa for Qatar feel free to contact via given contact details below.

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